Since our inception, Shumway Van has been focused on building an efficient and effective law firm

that always seeks to serve each client's best interests.

Our History.

Shumway Van is a law firm that was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing clients with exceptional “big firm” results for a reasonable “small firm” price. Our office in St. George, Utah, we founded in 2016 in response to increased demand for legal services in Southern Utah. While our lawyers have amassed many successes during their careers in a variety of practice areas, our proudest accomplishment is our continued representation almost all of our first clients.

Our law firm has enjoyed great success because we are committed to providing excellent talent, service and results, and adapting quickly to changing economic environments. Related to this commitment, our attorneys pledge to:

  • Provide the highest quality of legal counsel;

  • Bill in an economical, reasonable manner for productive work;

  • Provide prompt, responsive legal assistance in all respects, from returning phone calls to managing transaction and litigation deadlines;

  • Obtain optimum results through creative problem-solving;

  • Understand each client’s unique needs in addition to the legal landscape; and

  • Handle each client’s situation in the most aggressive, creative and cost-effective fashion possible.